Vacancy Announcement - Consultants Services- 02/2020

Nov 01 2020


Ministry of Education

Improving Early Childhood Development in the West Bank and Gaza (ECD Project)


Vacancy Announcement


Consultants Services- 02/2020


The Ministry of Education has received a grant from the World Bank, International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of the Improving Early Childhood Development in the West Bank and Gaza - ECD. The project aims at improving the coverage and quality of targeted early childhood development services for children from gestation until age 5 in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) intends to apply part of the project proceeds for the following individual consultant service:

Position: Technical Coordinator

Main Tasks, Responsibilities and Scope of Work:

The technical coordinator, will work on and assist in the implementation of component 2 and its two sub-components of the project to reach the intended outcomes of refurbishment and extensions of public KG2 classrooms, the design and piloting of a public-private partnership (PPP) model, development and roll-out of an in-service KG teacher professional diploma, development, production and distribution of a KG teacher toolkit, and the development of a KG quality assurance system. The MOE’s D.G. “Directorate General” of General Education will appoint a Task Management Team (TMT) and identify a team leader to oversee the implementation of this component.  The project will fund one consultant to help the TMT and the team leader coordinate its work with the Ministry’s different departments, selected schools, KG supervisors, private KGs, international and local consultants and participating Tertiary Education Institutions- TEIs, to accomplish and implement all activities of component 2.

The local consultant will:

1.       Work with the D.G. “Directorate General” of Buildings to identify the specifications required for refurbishment, extensions and furnishing of public KG2 classrooms, from an education point of view, and according to the Ministry’s priorities and regulations and provide regular follow up for the implementation.

2.       Working with/Assisting the D.G. of General Education, D.G. of Buildings, the Environmental and Social Officer (ESO) and PCU, in coordinating stakeholders engagement meetings with related stakeholders.

3.       Participate and advise the National Institute on Education Training (NIET) on the selection of consultants (local/international) who will work on the design and piloting of a PPP model to leverage existing KG2 private providers to expand their capacity.

4.       Assist in and facilitate conducting the market analysis of private KG providers to underpin the design of the PPP model.

5.       Assist in the technical design of a PPP pilot that allows MOE to strategically purchase quality KG2 service from selected private providers.

6.       Assist and advise the D.G. of General Education on the selection of verification agencies (from the Ministry’s different district directorates) to supervise the implementation of PPPs by the private providers and provide regular follow up.

7.       Advise on the selection of an international consultant who will work on the development of the professional diploma program for KG teachers.

8.       Liaise with the international consultant in the provision of technical assistance to NIET and to the selected higher education institutions in the development and implementation of the professional diploma program, and evaluation of implementation and impact.

9.       Assist in the design and development of toolkits for KGs and develop a detailed script with specific guidance on their usage and in the trainings of KG supervisors.

10.   In cooperation with the international consultant, produce a final report with a comprehensive set of recommendations and concrete implementation advice.

11.   Advise on the selection of a consultant (either international or local) to develop the KG quality assurance system and in the review of the existing KG quality standards and international examples, and strengthening these standards.

12.   Assist and work with the D.G. of General Education and the selected consultant in adapting a monitoring tool for easy and rapid administration by KG supervisors.

13.   Participate and follow up on the verification of the reports received from different consultants under both subcomponents during the project implementation activities.

Minimum Required Qualifications:

1.       Master and/or BA Degree in Education, Primary Education, Early Childhood/Kindergarten Education, Class Teacher or any other related field.

2.       Knowledge of early childhood education policy practice in developed and developing countries.

3.       Knowledge of international good practice in KG teacher certification policy and practice in both developed and developing countries.

4.       At least 3 years’ experience in early childhood education (e.g. as a KG teacher, KG teacher educator).

5.       Good oral communication, presentation skills, planning and analysis skills.

6.       Strong oral and writing proficiency in Arabic and English.

7.       Previous consulting experience in a similar developing-country context would be an added bonus.

Time Frame:

The contract will be for one year, renewable –contingent on satisfactory performance- for almost five years, the consultant shall follow the regular working hours of the Ministry of Education (i.e work 5 days a week, 7 hours a day (from 08:00 to 03:00).

Interested consultants may refer to the detailed Terms of Reference from Applications includes (Cover letter, CV describing similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills, etc.) must be delivered by email to, no later than 8/11/2020 by 3:00 pm.

Ministry of Education

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